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fridge and pantry contents are tweeted twice a week (Saturday and Wednesday) @ChilliwackFree.

currently the Chilliwack Free Fridge is only able to operate seasonally (late spring to mid-fall) as we don't have an enclosed shelter for the sideways rain that happens in the winter!

we have hot chocolate on the porch in the months the fridge is unable to operate.

if you have a location that would protect the fridge from the elements while keeping it

accessible and preferably close to 8870 Edward Street,

OR if you're handy with tools and want to build the fridge a weather-proof shelter,

send us an email or stop by to chat or leave a note!

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stay up to date.

see updates on the go by following the fridge twitter @ChilliwackFree

or checking in here.

all changes and updates

will also always be posted at the fridge!

news & updates.: Welcome
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